Iron-On Star Patches

Iron-On Star Patches to Reward or Motivate Players or Students

As Low as 35 Cents Each & Low Shipping

Our one-inch Star Patches cost as little as 35 cents per patch. Our patches are in stock and ready to ship so you can get FAST DELIVERY. Our patches REALLY WORK - you can read over 300 Testimonials. Our round patches have better adhesion than cut out stars (the points don't peel off) - we have tried it both ways.

Star Patches are a very effective, inexpensive way to motivate and reward participants in every sport, including soccer, baseball, basketball, karate, cheerleaders, gymnastics, volleyball, hockey and dance. The patches can be used to motivate practice, improvement, hustle, attitude, effort, winning or anything you need to improve.

Our Patches are also used by schools, PTAs and school clubs as rewards to motivate students to improve grades, homework, test scores, attendance, effort, reading, math, as behavior rewards, or for anything the teacher or school wants to improve.

Our patches can used in many ways. They can be ironed on a uniform or a "Pride" shirt, or you can punch a hole in them and attach them to a bag or backpack, pin them to a bulletin board, iron them on a banner or pennant, or just collect them. Our patches have superior adhesion, but don't have to be ironed on to motivate players or students. Our Star Patches adhere better and look better due to their round design and white background. The points of the cut out stars tend to peel off easily whereas our round design adheres much better. We have tried it both ways.

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Iron-On Star Patches

See the Patch Handouts page for how Coaches & teachers use our patches for motivation.

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"I have been using your patches over the past year and they work wonderfully. I need to place orders every two months because of all the new students! Thanks!" Robert, martial arts, MA

"I'm so excited to have found you, I've been paying $1 a patch, so this will save me lots of money." April, USA

"The patches are the absolute best motivational tool I have found in seven years of coaching three daughters. I currently coach a U12 Girls team in the toughest division of our league." Coach Chad, CA

"Our school used the patches last year for reward incentives and they were a big hit. We ran out twice, so we decided to buy 3,000 this time around. Our purchasing office will be in touch with you soon." Christi, California Elementary School